Running The Show

A blog for everyone in love with the beautiful game


Football is one of the most discussed subjects throughout the world every day. Probably the most discussed. Running The Show was created in 2014 as a way of spreading ideas, opinions and observations of all things football. Over the years, we’ve written about tactics, coaching, player development, recruitment, done interviews with people in the game as well as having produced what we like to see as some really good storytelling. We try to cater to every fan, to every coach and every player, so you can always expect something that suits you.

In 2018, we took a break as our two founders and main writers, David Selini and Eddy Prugh, were busy with other journalistic work; David as one of the senior writers for Total Football Analysis and Eddy as a site manager over at SB Nation. Now, they’re back where they belong and Running The Show is looking forward to even brighter days than before.

Our name comes out of admiration for the players that possess the quality to control the tempo of a game and to dictate proceedings to their liking. Those players, the Pirlos, the Scholes, the Xavis, that simply are “running the show” with such grace, intelligence and unquestionable class.

We’re back, and we will be bringing you some of the best stories football can offer. We’d be delighted if you’d come with us on this journey in the name of football.

*    *   *

As we’re ever expanding and in a state of constant improvement, we’re always looking for contributors. We welcome fresh ideas from clever people with opinions about the game. In terms of content you can write about virtually what ever you like. Contact us below if you’re interested in joining us.

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