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As mentioned in the About section, we want to produce insightful and qualitative content for our readers. To do that we need talented contributors. Here follows a presentation of our two co-founders of the blog, David and Eddy, as well as our latest signing Josh Bragg.

David Selini

David is a 75 % Swedish and 25 % Italian football coach. Fascinated by tactics and passionate about youth development, he provides quality content with excellent knowledge. Interested by players, clubs and coaches in all European leagues, David provides depth in his coverage and you bet he will tell you exactly how Gian Piero Gasperini wants Atalanta to counterattack on the Friday before explaining Mauricio Pochettino’s build-up ideas for Tottenham on the Saturday. Focuses mostly on Italian football because of his love of back three’s, a quality regista and trequartisti. Loves Juan Mata a little too much and is often caught at work discussing Diego Simeone’s tactics.

Age: 26.
Favourite league: Serie A.
Favourite club: Manchester United and Atalanta.
Favourite footballers: Francesco Totti.
Favourite coach: Gian Piero Gasperini.
Coolest in football: Atalanta’s rise since 2016.
Twitter: @DaveSelini

Eddy Prugh

Eddy is an American footballer currently playing his football back in the states after dominating the Swedish division 2. A proud native of the beautiful state of Montana, Eddy has an impressive knowledge of the American game as well as the European. Eddy writes in the same way he plays his football; with maximum intensity and hard work. According to himself, he was mesmerized by English football after watching Manchester City win a derby against United at the City of Manchester Stadium (yes, before all the money).

Age: 31.
Favourite league: Premier League.
Favourite club: Manchester City.
Favourite footballer: David Silva.
Favourite coach: Jürgen Klinsmann.
Coolest in football: TBA.
Twitter: @EddyPrugh

Josh Bragg

Josh is an English footballer who has spent more than half a decade in Sweden, starring for some of the biggest clubs in the northern region. A proud believer that a central midfielder like himself should be assessed based on his packing stats, Josh’s immense football knowledge allows him to bring expertise to the site, and his slightly nostalgic and humorous writing bring tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces at the same time. His writing could make your brain wander away for a while, just like his opponents on the pitch not expecting his disguised reverse pass. When not playing or writing he can often be found sitting on a park bench blowing bubbles and watching them fly high until they reach the sky.

Age: 29.
Favourite league: Premier League.
Favourite team: West Ham.
Favourite player: Toni Kroos.
Favourite coach: Jürgen Klopp.
Coolest in football: When a young player breaks into the first team.
Twitter: @jbragg2

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